Revealing a File in the Finder from Spotlighton 13 August 2011

Spotlight is a tool that I use quite frequently for launching apps. I also use it for finding where certain files that certain applications, for whatever reason, do not use the folder where the file came from to save. Rather, they typically use a folder where I last was on the system save dialog. So frequently I find myself saving to a location I did not want to save to.

I find the file easily enough in Spotlight, however hitting that ⌘+space to trigger the search and finding the file. Great! It shows up in the list, and until recently the only way to find that file in the finder was to “Show All” and then right click the file in the newly created window, and “Reveal in Finder”.

This process is no more! Simply ⌘+R on the file in the spotlight window and the Finder will open up and show you that file. Easy! I am certain there are many more tricks with the Spotlight search window.