Wanting to Give Backon 8 February 2011

I have been developing everywhere for around 15 years now. It is time that I actually started giving back to all of the great developers of the world who I have found posting on forums, writing their own blog posts, or even helping me personally and professionally.

I am dedicating time to creating content for those out there that are now where I once was. Everyone begins their development process at some point. My process for sharing the knowledge obtained on my journey begins now.

The plan is to cover a wide range of topics. Typically being represented with a project I am currently working on. I do plan to touch on various languages I have come to know and love including: PHP, HTML, CSS, ActionScript 3.0, and Objective-C. This will not be limited to code-only topics. Anything is fair game, which is to say, anything that impacts me, my life, or what I feel to be worthwhile content will appear here.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the road ahead giving back to many communities that have given me so much.


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