Nintendo World Report 2.0

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  • approx time16h

This is the second design for Nintendo World Report that I have designed.

I wanted the site to be very clean and focus more on the content than all of the auxiliary content on the site. I removed the traditional left-hand navigation as in the v1 release, it led to a lot of wasted space. There is now a top navigation and the content is now flush to the left, with one or two columns on to the right. This site tries to incorporate more of the community-based aspects of NWR based on the v1 feedback.

This project was finished on February 8th, 2009.

Thursday, August 21st 2008

  • Finished up the footer and blog CSS on the front page
  • Tightened up IE6 rendering issues

Saturday, August 16th 2008

  • More CSS work, adding new aspects of the front page
  • Added Upcoming Releases and part of the footer

Saturday, August 16th 2008

  • Finished up a lot more of the front page CSS work
  • Works in all tested browsers up to this point

Friday, August 15th 2008

  • Switched gears and started working on converting the Photoshop document to XHTML and CSS
  • Most of the header has been completed in addition to most of the structure of the document
  • Special cases and rounded corners took some time to accomplish correctly with resizing of the text and whatnot

Thursday, August 14th 2008

  • Changed up the design of the Game Profile page, moved the many links from under the content title, which has nothing to do with the content title, to the right side bar
  • Designed the review page, using the right side bar from the Game Profile page pretty standard text
  • Designed the generic page using the review page as a template, a few things were changed up, but nothing major
  • Rethought the layout of the Game Profile page to better flow and better match the content importance

Friday, June 27th 2008

  • A little research for the site
  • Changed quite of bit of the design
  • The nav bar goes all the way across the page
  • The main area is roughly 560px wide, with 2x213px wide columns
  • The main page has 2 columns in the main + one column area for a total of 773px with boxes inside of roughly 376px wide
  • Added a larger footer, to divide the information better and have more links to aspects of the site
  • Made the logo a lot bigger
  • Moved the ads further apart, so as not to have a rotated 180˚ "L" shape with ads at the top of the site
  • 3px border all around... suckers

Wednesday, June 25th 2008

  • Decided upon goals for redesign
  • Restarted design for NWR 2.0
  • Got ad requirements so skyscraper ad was moved down and bars moved and adjusted
  • Removed backround from search bar
  • Debating header ad positioning with extra links

Saturday, March 29th 2008

  • Created a proportional TSI generator - inputs width, height, padding and large heading height and automatically generates a visual representation of the images based on dynamic input
  • Created a look for each new TSI
  • Decided on placement with new tool

Saturday, March 29th 2008

  • Have a pretty good idea how the page is going to be laid out
  • Changed from left-side vertical navigation to top horizontal navigation
  • Determining size and number of Top Story Images, should be a ratio of x small to 1 large
  • Added a search bar, and links with simple icons to make them stand out a little bit more, but not take focus away from the new main navigation
  • Included the massive leaderboard and wide-skyscraper banners on the site, at the top right corners of the site - presents an interesting design challenge but I think will, overall, allow for better use of the space of the site