The Setupon 3 March 2009

I recently switched to a 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display with 16gb of RAM. This screen is beautiful. I use this machine instead of the Mac Pro I had before, as my work becomes more mobile focused. Being able to develop anywhere is a great asset.

I also use a [Drobo 5D] ( to store all of my media, and other projects, as 512GB is barely enough to store anything these days.

Attached is a 23” Apple Cinema Display from 2004. I have been using a 6x11 Wacom intuos 3 tablet instead of a mouse to improve circulation in my wrist for 8 years. I am happy to say I have had no issues in that time since. A LaCie hard disk MAX QUADRA 2TB drive is used for media storage.

My primary means of communication, other than the Mac, is a 32GB white iPhone 5 running on AT&T’s less-craptacular-than-LTE-in-Los-Angeles LTE service in Chicago.

I have an 64GB retina iPad for development purposes. I am using it for task management, email, and drawing. As time progresses I hope to be using it for far more tasks while I continue to integrate it into my workflow.



I spend my dev time between a few applications: XCode, TextMate, git, and Photoshop CS5.

Organization and GTD

For task management OmniFocus has me hooked. Not surprisingly, OmniFocus for the iPhone and iPad keep all of my todos in sync and ready to be checked off.

OmniFocus has been in use more heavily at work. It has provided an easy way to see where work is needed to be done. I wish the desktop version alerted me when tasks are due.


I recently switched to Postbox to try for email. The new Lion has a hard-to-skim visual hierarchy that makes it difficult to use. What works on iOS may not necessarily work on the desktop. I prefer Apple’s Mail client because of its visual simplicity, though my opinion of it has changed since Lion added too much visual clutter. I use this for multiple Gmail accounts and my iCloud account.



For music I use iTunes. I love the extensive cataloging, categorizing and album-arting. I dislike the iDevice bloat that adds to the sluggishness.


I am a huge fan of Perian and use that most frequently in Quicktime, and unfortunately it has been discontinued. Movist has been a great Quicktime replacement. Though not without its own quirks.


The browser of choice is Safari 5 for the moment. The extensions are a welcome addition, such as 1Password.

At any given time I will probably have any combination of the following applications open at the same time: Path Finder, BusyCal, and Transmit 4.

Gaming of the Video Variety

Recreationally, I partake in Xbox 360 amusement. You can find me at nuurg.

See what I am playing on the projects page.

Last updated on 14 March 2013