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Profileon 4 January 2009

Ryan Jones — currently a iOS developer based in Chicago. I focus on creating, developing, and designing intuitive interactive experiences. I recently founded Psychomomo LLC, a “crazy good” mobile development shop.

I love to push the limits of technology and strive to ensure that my work is visually, programmatically, and interactively my best. I thrive on using my people and project management skills, architecting applications, designing user interfaces, and solving UX challenges.

Simply, I make great work.

I finished up a project in January of 2013 for Delta Air Lines. I helped to create the Fly Delta app that allows passengers to check-in, purchase upgrades, and book flights, all from their iPhone.

Some of my more recent work can be found in the form of the Chicago Tribune iPad app and the Los Angeles Times iPad app. (Chicago Tribune has been removed from the App Store due to the Tribune’s new paywall implementation.)

My previous work experience I was working on development frameworks. The first framework was built in ActionScript 3 using the Flex SDK. Examples of Flex components created in the framework can be found in my portfolio. This framework was recognized by Adobe, and through it, the agency was able to achieve Adobe Gold Partner status.

The second framework was built in Objective-C and facilities easy iPad app development. Examples of apps created for the iPad with the framework can be found at ichibod.com.

I earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Indiana University.

I am easily contactable too. I am pretty good at email, even responding.

The Setup

Technology is a huge part of my life and my nerdy side wants to share my current computer setup.

The Vicious Beast

I have a puppy named Yoshi (he is actually no longer a puppy). He is a daschund-chihuahua-terrier mix. He sleeps all day, loves walks, and stares in wonderment at the intro to 24.

He can do various tricks including and not limited to: sit, stay, beg, respect (double paw bump, word), speak, dance, play dead, roll over, and bring it. He responds to many other words as well, such as the phrase “Are you hungry?”, “Treat”, and “Want to go for a ride?”.




@ichibod on Twitter

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